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- New versions with light up casting areas are on the way to avoid accidentally casting on the wrong target.
card strategy game ipadHeroes Blade has been described as the best card strategy game on ipad and is also hailed as one of the most original rpg games on ipad that you will find.

There are a few ipad rpg games out there, but none like this. Some compare its feel to Magic; the Gathering™ on ipad, but its mechanics and strategy are completely unique by design. In the beginning of the game you are given a very small deck of cards filled with minions and spells that you must use to defeat your opponents deck in a card duel. Each opponent is unique with different attributes and completely different decks and strategies that you must play to figure out. As you win and progress in the game you will be able to purchase new cards and upgrade the ones you already own with your winnings in hopes that you will be ready for the fearsome deck that the Master of Games holds when you reach him in the final stage of your journey. You not only have tough minions and devastating spells at your disposal, you are also able to purchase and upgrade unique traits that give you bonuses and special powers to help you defeat your difficult opponents in the game.

All these awesome features, the addictive game play and the insanely cool artwork on over 120 different cards makes Heroes Blade a must-have rpg-style strategy card game for your ipad! If you are a fan of strategy and rpg games you have to try Heroes Blade!