Self-proclaimed Food Addict, Casual Gamer, Anime/Manga Fan, Horror Movies Fan, Beer Enthusiast.

Fact: My adorable tabby domestic shorthair cat at home is called Bacon…

About: Greetings, loyal fans. I will be the guy who answers most of your support tickets and post regular updates on Facebook/Twitter pages. Feel free to contact me if you got any questions about Heroes Blade OR you just want to chat with me about random topics.


There’s always a canal, inlent, or fjord.

Fact: I’ve been of Asian descent all my life until recently I found out about a French ancestor. Now I have a country to root for in soccer/football.

About: I help with game promotions and making sure our materials don’t look too ugly. If you have any issues with the game at all then feel free to contact Bacon, I’m useless. Though I’m very good at finding others to deal with it. If you just want send praise then do hit me up.


Artist and Gamer with a lust for life, a lust for art and a lust for videogames.

Fact: Son of a preacher man.

About: Oi! I’m the Game Designer in these parts and I dig feedback. Feel free to send it up the line via Baconstrips or keep an eye out for me in the old chit chat! Ciao!


I have been described by others as having a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of video game history.

Fact: My first dedicated game system would have been a N64 when I was 11 but I broke down when I saved half the money and bought a Game Boy Pocket with James Bond 007 instead.

About: I’m a generalist software engineer that has been working in the industry for almost a decade. I love movie commentary tracks.


Live one day at a time.

Fact: Draws cats for a living.

About: Likes Chopper Bikes, Beef Ribs, and Durian Ice Cream.