Heroes Blade Q&A


Dear Players,

Please read the Q&A below for answers to common questions we receive on a regular basis.

*Important* Please do not un-install Heroes Blade from your device. You will likely lose all Account Data!


Account Login/Access

Q: Why I am stuck on the loading screen?

A: If you are using Android 6.x, please enable Heroes Blade the permissions it requested. We need those permissions to properly store your account information in your device. If you are using an older version of Android, please contact us at support@heroesblade.com.


Q: Google+ linking failed, what should I do?

A: We are working on a solution for this issue at the moment. Failure in linking to Google+ will not affect your gameplay.


Q: Can I access my Heroes Blade account on another device?

A: Heroes Blade does not support switching devices at the moment. Please use your original device to access your original account.


Q: I am logging into other people’s account all of a sudden!

A: Please check whether all the necessary permissions are granted to Heroes Blade. If the situation persists, please contact us at support@heroesblade.com.



Q: Do I get 500 diamonds each day from the Mega Monthly Pass?

A: On the first day of purchase, you will be rewarded with 500 diamonds and a unique gift box containing rare items. For all the subsequent days, you will receive a unique gift box daily until the expiry of the Mega Monthly Pass.


Q: What is included in the gift box for the Mega Monthly Pass?

A: Each gift box includes 1  Gold Chest Ticket, 3 Silver Chest Tickets, 2 Exp Cheese, 1 Orange Item Fragment Chest.


Q: I missed my One-Time purchase offer! How can I buy it again?

A: Unfortunately we cannot override the system to make that offer appear once more.




Q: I lost my Guild leader status. What can I do to get it back?

A: The system will demote all Guild leaders who does not meet the weekly contribution requirements. If you are planning to be less active for a certain week, please transfer the Guild leader position to someone you trust that can make the weekly contribution requirements until you can commit.


Q: Can I have multiple accounts?

A: Please refrain from using multiple Google Play accounts to play Heroes Blade. You will lose your accounts due to accessing issues!


If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact support@heroesblade.com.



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